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13 June 2007 @ 06:32 am
i was up much too late last night, helping someone in a game i play. And i was worried about Miss yesterday, just like her other slave tim. Her and Tiny are having problems, and i don't feel like there's anything i can do. i thought for a while that Miss might tell me to go away, and never talk to her again. Of course, i would never do that, even on Miss's orders. i'm not a very good slave, and i care about my Miss too much to let her hurt like that. i argued long and hard with her about whether she was a good Miss, and finally convinced her that she should keep going.

Miss has a hard time sometimes, and the fight with Tiny was really hard for her, since Tiny help me and Miss get started. But i think maybe she's mostly over it for now, and will be feeling better. i certainly hope so, because when Miss feels bad, her slaves feel bad. me and tim have been very worried about her.
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12 June 2007 @ 12:21 am
Today was a good day for me. i got to talk with Mistress on the phone for more than an hour. It is nice just to hear her voice, and let her know i worship and adore her. She also sent some very lucious pictures of herself to me and tim today, as well as sharing a few of them with the forums. i especially love the ones of her on her hands and knees, offering her pussy to be taken. The thought of licking and sucking on her pussy, and then sliding my hard dripping cock into it had me horny most of the day.

Thank you for a lovely present of the pictures, Mistress. i look forward to talking to you again in a couple days on the phone... and of course, every day on IM.

(This slave is one week into a two week restriction from cumming)
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11 June 2007 @ 06:45 am
Sorry for not posting an update yesterday... i would have, but i got some very sad news early in the day, and it completely messed me up.

my favorite teacher from high school did a little over a week ago, of a brain aneurism, and i didn't find out until after the funeral. He was a man i respected greatly, and would have done anything for. His death is a great loss to the school, and his work will never be forgotten.

i will resume my regular posts later today, but i felt that i needed to post this here.
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08 June 2007 @ 04:49 pm
i said something wrong, trying to be helpful, and made her feel bad... She hasn't even said anything about punishing me, and i feel like the worst person on Earth.. i would /never/ hurt her on purpose. It makes he curl up and die inside that she's hurt.

*cries* i hope my Mistress feels better soon.
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08 June 2007 @ 04:10 pm
Mistress said i should post a picture of her when she was pregnant, so here it is! Sorry about the ads on my journal now, but I needed to turn them on to be able to use the easy image hosting options.

Pregnant Miss!
08 June 2007 @ 12:18 am
Well, over the last weekend, this slave did something bad, and came without Mistress's permission. So now I'm on a two week restriction for the first time. However, Mistress is getting better at torturing her naughty slave, and she's told me i can look at and read and play as much as i want. i just can't cum. i know that this means that mistress wants me to do all those things as much as i can, to torture myself. And so, i've been visitting lit as often as i can, as well as other sites.

Two of my favorite sites are Impregnatorium, and Beast Forum. Yes, this slave is very naughty, and has very perverted tastes. i love the thought of breeding my mistress, or any other woman, if she let me. And i love animals, though not as much as Mistress. i hope someday maybe she'll let me play with a mare while she watches.

my Mistress also has another slave now. we are both devoted to her, and hope to someday be able to please her together in person. She deserves as much love and worship as possible. Certainly more than a lowly and naughty slave like myself can provide. Her other slave is a much better slave than me, and she is using him to torture me during my punishment. But i deserve the punishment, and i am happy to learn the lesson my Mistress wants to teach me.

Also! i may be able to fulfill several of my Mistress's desires soon. i will have much more time alone than normal, and will make good use of it, to mark myself as hers, and take pictures, and to go buy a cage for my naughty cock, like what john wears. i cringe at the thought of the pain my naughty thoughts will cause me, but i need to learn my lesson, so i will do as Mistress commands.
23 May 2007 @ 01:50 pm
Still haven't cum yet, though Mistress has allowed me to play with myself several times. Which of course just makes me need to cum even more. But i appreciate what small play i've been allowed. This morning was supposed to be my release from restriction, but Mistress had an appointment, and wasn't able to be on during my alone time. So now i have to wait until tomorrow, which will be six or seven days since i last came. my naughty cock has been getting hard repeatedly all day long, trapped in my pants, and uncomfortable. But i know that it is worth it, if it pleases Mistress. i am very eager to record another video of myself, while i stroke myself and let myself cum all over her picture. i hope she'll ask me to put the medium dildo in my ass, to start stretching myself out. Someday, maybe i'll be able to take the large dildo.

Thank you for a wonderful week of your company, Mistress. i am very eager to show you just how horny your slave is... as if you didn't already know.
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20 May 2007 @ 09:59 am
my Mistress has me on restriction again, because i was a naugthy slave a few days ago, and came when i wasn't supposed to. i have been ordered to look at pictures and stories on literotica and touch myself as often as i can, but no cumming is allowed.

Last night, i read three or four stories, and almost came several times. Luckily for me, i managed to stop. i did enjoy tasting my precum though. This dirty slave loves the taste of his own juices, and gets even hornier when he tastes them. Someday, i hope to be able to taste them coming out of my Mistress's pussy.
16 May 2007 @ 10:23 pm
Here's a couple pictures lit wouldn't let me post. NSFW, so posting them in a cut.

These are before-and-after shots of my ass crack, from when i shaved it. i love how it feels now, and i'm definately going to work on doing a more thorough job.

NSFW ImagesCollapse )
16 May 2007 @ 07:15 am
Mm. Well, my Mistress is a bit sick, so i didn't get the pleasure of hearing her enjoy herself. but she did let this lowly slave have a good time. i even got to use my small dildo in my ass this morning. i was right about the shaving of my crack. It made it much easier to slide the dildo in. No hair pulling at all, which was nice.

i talked to my Mistress for a while, and then after several begging requests, she finally told me i could play. i lubed up the small dildo, and pushed it up into my ass. It's a simple smooth dildo, with a nice round base that makes is wonderful to sit on. i love how it feels inside me when i'm stroking my cock, as it moves a little every time i move. Once the dildo was in, i turned on the video camera, and laid back, looking at pictures of Mistress's pussy that i had printed out earlier. i told her how wonderful i was feeling, and how much i wished i could bury my cock into her pussy for real.

Finally, after several minutes, i reached my climax, and sprayed my cum all over the pictures of her pussy. The release felt incredible, after 4 days of restriction, and i made sure to tell her just how amazing it was.

Thank you, Mistress, for another wonderful playtime. i'm sorry the memory card on my camera ran out too soon. i'll try to get a bigger one sometime this summer. :)
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